PS Speech on Kitui Natural Resources

Honorable citizens of Kitui unity, The DC Katulani, MrLinus Wafula, the DO, Central Madam Beatrice, The chiefs, the Ministry of Energy representative w Joseph Makaa, representative of the DRSRS, Ministry of Environment and Mineral resources, ladies and gentlemen.
I am pleased to be part of this noble initiative by the Kitui County Forest, Water and Sand Conservation Association, through the Kenya Climate Change Working Group and in support of many likeminded partners including the Climate Change Unit of current Office of the Prime Minister, the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, VSO Jitolee, Caritas Kenya and Institute of Environment and Water Management. This collective support in my view, is an expression of the needed solidarity to achieve sustainable utilization managing the resources in Kenya.
This idea is one of the few ideas that, in our opinion, is relevant to all counties of Kenya. This, therefore, we hope, can be replicated to all other counties; with a view of ensuring citizens’ participation in the sustainable utilization of the natural resources. So we applaude the team that has enabled the implementation of this initiative. Yes, it is important to:

  1. To link the information gap between the ongoing work by the remote sensing department, and NEMA, of mapping available natural resources in different parts of Kenya, for the purpose of enabling the communities organize themselves better to effectively participate in the sustainable management of natural resources in Kitui county
  2. To create awareness about sustainable land use planning and land use management as is being undertaken in the Tana delta. This will also link with the Greening Kenya initiatives, as the Green economy initiatives need to be emphasized throughout the country.
  3. To provide a platform where the community members and the scholars, researchers and educators exchange ideas on the matter of sustainable utilization of the natural resources in Kitui County. This will ensure that the information gap between facts and documentation by NEMA, the remote sensing department and other departmentse.g the meteorological department of Kenya is understood by the community in a way that it can be transformed to actions at the local level.
  4. To enhance citizens participation in the policies and laws formulation processes, pursuant to the new constitution.  It is worth noting that in light of the new constitution, each county will have to plan for and manage the available resources for their socio-political and economic progress and environmental sustainability.

We are informed that the government and all the stakeholders in this county are very supportive of this activity. This is important since government, private sector, Civil society, Faith organizations and the individual citizens need to come and act together towards sustainable utilization of the available natural resources. In the new constitutional order, we wish to continuously influence policies and laws at all levels, to lead to sustainable development in our country.
With this few remarks ladies and gentlemen, let me say I see the light of dawn towards better community participation in the development processes, better activity outcomes as a result of this collective action, and improved livelihoods in our counties, as a result of this working together.

Count on our support and I encouraged other actors to contribute towards this people-oriented processes.

I thank you all

May God bless Kitui County, may God bless Kenya.